Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Getting sun and elevation

Today marked the beginning of a new work week and the end of a beautiful weekend of trail running.  Sunday marked the third day in a row that Sage and I drove up to Park City to get out of Salt Lake's pollution and inversion. It is amazing what fresh air and sunshine can do for your spirits and your running.  Yesterday Sage and I left the car around 12:30PM and set off down East Canyon Road.  This has been a fun run for both of us because Sage gets to meeting pups and I run into friends, pet dogs, and even helped push a few sledders down hills.  Everyone is so happy to be outside!

After running 13 miles both Saturday and Sunday, an easy 10 felt lovely.  Heading away from town was windy and about 21 degrees, so I wore my new Pearl Izumi Ultra Windblocking Jacket and loved it!  The fit is so comfortable, feminine and I was warm!  When I flipped around to face the sunshine I did have to proceed to strip down to a t-shirts, wishing I was wearing shorts.  This morning, I'm sporting a Smith's Pivlock sunglasses tan and I LOVE IT!  Bring on the sun and bring on the race season, I'm ready!

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