Tuesday, February 19, 2013

San Francisco, St. George and Moab: A three week running tale

For more reasons than I could count, it became blindingly obvious that a vacation from the cold needed to be had. So, the last week of January was spent in San Francisco.  For my golden birthday I, of course, needed to get 28 miles in, so the Golden Gate Recreation Area was the perfect place.  The run went well, the weather was great, and the terrain was gorgeous and hilly!
Photo Photo

Photo: 28 miles on the 28th for my 28th.

The run began at the parking lot south of the Golden Gate Bridge, over and up on to the trails overlooking the city and the ocean.  I got as far North as Muir Beach and headed south.  The run ended in Sausalito with pizza, salad, latte, and ice cream.  It ended up being a long day of exploring all of the beached, up and down the coast. 

The rest of San Francisco consisted of running to different locations within the city and walking the rest of the day.  By the end of 6 days, my right foot was bothering me...I think I was a little over zealous about being in the sunshine...

Never the less, the day after I got home I was coerced (twist my leg!) into heading South to St. George for a couple long runs.  I ended up getting 9 miles in Friday and 12 miles in on Saturday, but with much pain.  Once I got back to the U, I went into the athletic trainer and learned that I have Tenosynovitis in my right foot.

Photo: Start of Moab 33kI took about a week off from running, tried 2 miles without pain the Monday before Moab's Red Hot 55K, ran 4 miles the next day and realized that I need to heal.  I gave up my race entry, but had a great time cheering for my awesome teammates.  I am trying to be very good: biking and running on the elliptical, icing, and taking anti inflammatory.  I hope to be back soon and look forward to a great late start season!!

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