Monday, October 7, 2013

I love my Pearl Izumi M2s!

So, I feel that I need to share with the world my love of the new Pearl Izumi M2 and N2 series.  Since mid summer I have been running exclusively in the N2 Trail and M2 Road shoes.  Not only are the colors so much fun, the shock absorption rocks!  Choose the N2 for a little more trail feel and the M2 for more cushion.  I started to break in the purple and red M2's two weeks before my first 100-miler.  Unfortunately, life got in the way and I only had the chance to run in them twice.

Mile 75 of The Bear 100.
**I know... you're scared to hear what happened to my feet...**

NOTHING happened to my feet (aside from one of the smallest blisters I have ever recieved on my big toe)!!  This, let me asure you is nothing short of a miracle since I am a blister girl.  I have odd shaped feet and thought that I would have carnage for sure.  Nothing.  I just thought I would share!  Pearl Izumi's trail shoes are rocking right now!  Check them out!

That is all...carry on.


  1. I bought the Trail N1s because they were on sale at Zappos dot com. I do like them! Although, I find that the Pearl Izumis tend to run a half size small. Did you think that too? I'm usually an 8, but I buy 8 1/2 in the PIs. I think I could even go up to a 9 and still be OK.

  2. Me too. That's what the Pearl Izumi guys tell you when you buy them in a store... to always size up a half!