Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy "Beer Mile" Halloween

SPOILER!!!!: I won!

...Let's go back, let's go back... Let's Tarantino this s***...

The HUMR beer mile is usually on Cinco de Mayo.  This year it wasn't, or rather it was and I made a poor showing (or never left the BBQ portion of the beer mile)... Anyway, the HUMRs decided to have a second beer mile to coincide with Halloween.  This is a great idea!  This way we aren't just a bunch of grown adults standing around in our superman costumes doing nothing...we are competing here!

So, I have always said that this is my one allotted DNF for the year.  The first year I competed, I had just raced, PR'ed, and placed ninth overall in the Ogden Marathon...I was a super light weight and not feeling very competitive.  I drank one beer, jogged 0.25 miles and sat down to ring cowbell.

Second beer mile?  See paragraph one.

This year?  I planned to DNF, but then my competitive nature kicked in and I decided to come up with a strategy.  I took a look around and saw that there were four females that would be competing and I just figured that I was bigger than every one of them.  My plan: take it slow, sip, and wait for my competition to start feeling crappy.

I was in dead last for my first lap, and slowly crept up in the field.  I wasn't really paying attention to the men's race...they are gross and guzzle and don't mind puking.  I do.  Around lap 3 I passed Curtis and by the beginning of lap 4, two females had dropped and it was between Breein and I.  I felt great, by the way.

I guzzled my last beer and left Breein in the dust and the rest is history.
It's all about the prize.  When I saw the crown, I needed the crown.

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